YHA Perranporth

This is the impact that YHA Perranporth has now. Imagine the impact we can make after it’s received the TLC it deserves.

Perched on top of the cliffs with spectacular views stretching over the Atlantic Ocean, YHA Perranporth offers the perfect escape from the challenges of the modern world. Young adventurers can surf the endless waves, play among the grassy dunes and walk the spectacular South West Coast Path.

YHA Perranporth has a top secret past, it’s a former 1950s shore based submarine listening station. We want to embrace this history and give the Youth Hostel, which opened in 1982, a new lease of life so it can carry on inspiring generations to come. So far we have raised £150,000 for this redevelopment and need just £25,000 to help us over the finish line, giving us the funds to do all the work needed.

3.9 million children are living in poverty today. Those who have to face the worst of things in life shouldn’t have to miss out on a break. This warm and welcoming Youth Hostel serves to enrich, refresh and recharge young people who come to visit so they become more resilient and improve their ability to cope with their challenging lives.

YHA Perranporth provides the moments a child gets their childhood back or a family on the edge becomes a family on an adventure. Your support is crucial to making this happen.

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